Your boss keeps putting off your meeting for a pay raise review: what do you do now?

You have several choices.

1) Forget about it and let things remain as they are with you being underpaid.

2) Walk around with an “attitude” and pout, hoping the boss will pick up your subtle clues.

3) More aggressively go into the boss’s office and say “Look Mr. Boss, I’ve asked for a meeting several times and have been ignored! What gives?  Are you mad at me, or do you want to avoid this subject?”

4) Diplomatically approach your boss and ask “Mr. Boss, I know your schedule has been tight lately, so that we weren’t able to get some time together.  I wanted to suggest an alternative, less demanding time, such as lunch time, after work, or even the weekend.  What would work best for you?”

5) Quietly look for another job.


Definitely numbers 1, 2, and 3 are to be avoided.


Hi! I’m Norman Lieberman. I believe in being politely proactive. Things legitimately may have come up for your boss.  The boss may not be avoiding you as you think. If your boss does not respond to method #4 and it has been 6-8 weeks since you first approached the boss for a meeting, then it is time for a major decision on your part.

Do you love your job and situation enough to forgo a raise and stay put? Or do you move on to a better paying opportunity so that your career can move forward? Everyone will answer this differently. However, if you are going to look elsewhere, make sure you make a logical decision, not an emotional one.

Logical is that if the next move is not significant in pay and opportunity, then don’t leave. Emotional is you’ll leave because you are mad at the boss and will take a small raise and lateral move elsewhere just to spite the boss.

Know your worth in the marketplace. Know your accomplishments so well that you can rattle them off. Then go look for a new opportunity with your head held high. Remember: No one at your current job should suspect that you are looking. Continue acting and doing your job at least as well as you normally do.



What’s Your Biggest Fear When It Comes to Asking for a Raise?

  1. Fear of asking.
  2. Fear of rejection.
  3. Fear of being fired.
  4. Fear of not being worthy enough.
  5. Fear of not knowing how to ask or negotiate.
  6. Fear of not knowing how to respond to a low raise offer.
  7. Fear of bragging about why you deserve a raise.
  8. Fear of retribution.

What’s stopping you from confidently asking for the raise you deserve?

It’s natural to fear the unknown. That’s when Norman Lieberman steps in. His pay raise guidance will help you develop confidence to ask for exactly what you deserve.   Now you can master the best way to slay the fears that prevent you from asking for the pay raise that you worked hard to earn. With Norman and his information by your side, you’ll learn how to feel “worth it” and how to minimize the awkwardness of asking for more money. Knowledge is power.  Knowledge plus action will put money in the bank for you.


Are You Leaving Your Hard Earned Money in Your Boss’s Pocket?  

Are you an accountant, engineer, operations or other professional currently earning over $75,000? Are you looking to increase your salary, benefits, or company paid perks?

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I’d been passed over twice for the next level of management when I called Norman Lieberman, The Pay Raise Coach. After just a few hours, I was able to negotiate a 33% pay raise. With his guidance, clear instruction, and excellent writing/editing skills, I got the promotion that had eluded me. I could not have done it without his help. Not only did I get the next level of management, but I got about a 33% raise, and my bonus will increase by 200-300%.

- Andrew Westland, Motorola Corporation

How can Norman, The Pay Raise Coach, offer so much information for free? Because this is a great way for you, the reader, to get to know the quality of the information that Norman Lieberman delivers and the easy to understand manner in which he presents it.


What Everybody Ought to Know About Getting a Pay Raise  


Do you know exactly how to establish your value to your employer and how to determine your value in the marketplace–to ensure yourself of getting the greatest possible raise? Don’t invest your valuable time and energy into getting a raise meeting with your boss, and then walk out with less than you deserve. In order to get paid a higher salary or perks you must:


Do Money Problems Stress Out Your Personal Relationships?  

Want A Larger Income So You Can Share More Activities with Your Mate, Family, and Friends?  

If your family relationships need an extreme makeover, part of the problem may be the lack of sufficient income. Issues revolving around money are the #1 reason for marriage and divorce problems says Dr. Phil and most relationship experts. The lack of money, says Norm Lieberman, along with excess spending, creates significant stress. More money takes the pressure off.

Contact Lieberman, the Pay Raise Coach, to see if his pay raise coaching and career improvement services can help you.

•75% of all employees are looking for or considering new employment opportunities. •43% are looking for better compensation elsewhere. •32% want better career opportunities. •22% are dissatisfied with opportunities at their current job.

Data provided by The Society for Human Resource Management and


Together we can change things now.  

You might be surprised to learn that the people you’d least suspect are getting perks that they don’t want you to know about. Why don’t they want you to know? They don’t want to kill their golden goose. If they brag, it may hurt their chances of keeping or getting more perks. I want you to get a piece of the golden goose at your firm too. My mission, my obsession, is to get you much better compensated so that your compensation package is more in line with your contribution.


Negotiation Jitters?

As a salary expert, Norm Lieberman has taken the complex process of negotiation to a new level. His pay raise coaching gives you the most valuable insights learned in twenty-nine years of employment negotiations. Every relevant, negotiating secret is uncovered and explained by this savvy salary expert.

You’ll be ready to walk in with your head held high. You’ll feel confident as you negotiate the pay raise you deserve. You’ll learn what to do to make your boss feel like a winner in the negotiation even when he gives you everything you want. You’ll also learn what NEVER to say in a negotiation.

Norman Lieberman has been an excellent career coach to me over the past five years. Several years ago, it was time for me to make a career change. Working exclusively with Norman, I landed a fantastic career opportunity with top pay, benefits, and potential for upward mobility. Andrew Pramschufer, MBA, Supply Chain Manager

Andrew Pramschufer, MBA, Supply Chain Manager


The Most Common Mistake When Asking For a Pay Raise  

If you strut in telling your boss why you need to earn more to have the lifestyle you want, you’ll fall flat on your face and may end up out on the street looking for a new job. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on what you need. Your boss holds the purse strings and is looking at your performance: not your needs. Before you even mention a raise to your boss you first have to determine IF you deserve a raise.

Everyone thinks they deserve a raise.

You have to find out whether or not you really do–and if you do– how much. This knowledge, plus a clear plan of action will put you firmly in control of your financial future at work. Don’t panic if you realize your employer has the upper hand. Armed with the correct information and proven successful pay raise skills (and the confidence it brings) you can create a plan to get what you desire rather than getting whatever your boss dictates.

Advice From Well-meaning Friends Or Co-workers  

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve gleaned helpful advice from well-meaning friends or co-workers on how to get a raise.  They mean well, but you shouldn’t stake your financial future on “water-cooler” advice. Every pay raise you get is important to your financial future. Learn from the best and you’ll never be disappointed. Norman has successfully coached men and women for twenty-nine years on how to get pay raises.

The deal Norm helped me negotiate included getting a wide variety of projects, plenty of future opportunity, and a great pay package. He was there for me, so that nothing was left to chance. Lisa Gaston, LSIT, Survey and Title Analyst

Lisa Gaston, LSIT, Survey and Title Analyst


Should You Move on to Another Job?  

Some people have let the pay raise issue go for so long that they are grossly underpaid. In that case, your best bet may be to move to a more appreciative employer. In fact, you may determine that the only way to get the salary you deserve is to change employers. You might dread the thought of changing employers. No one says you have to. But, if you’re looking at your options, don’t be shortsighted. If you’ve been significantly underpaid, changing employers could land you a 20% (or even 30%) increase.


Have you ever stopped to figure out how much a $1 an hour raise is actually worth?  

 Exactly $2,080 per year! ($1 x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks per year).  In ten years it’s worth over $20,000. By the time you retire in 25 years that lowly $1 an hour will add up to over $50,000.


Don’t kid yourself by saying it doesn’t matter.

Other forms of your compensation are also based on your salary—including future raises, bonuses, profit sharing, expense accounts, and perks. I am ready to help you now so that you can stop the losses you may be currently experiencing. If you are not being paid what you are worth, you are losing money. And the money you are losing will be many thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars over time.


In Short Order You Can Be On Your Way to a Big, Fat Pay Raise  

Getting the pay raise you deserve doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.  I’ve helped hundreds of employees, just like you, to get the raises they deserved using the same step-by-step process that I’m now making available for FREE to the public for the first time:




Best of all, it’s not complicated or difficult. Soon you’ll be daydreaming about what to do with so much extra money every month.

What Are You Waiting For?  Don’t sit back and wait for your boss to offer you a raise. Put yourself in the driver’s seat! Let Norm Lieberman help you determine how much you deserve, and when to ask for it, and how to set the scene.