Meet Norman

Meet Norman Lieberman, The Pay Raise Coach

I help productive professionals making over $100,000 per year, who are under-appreciated and underpaid, secure the pay raise that they’ve earned and deserve with an up to 15%–or more–increase.


What got me interested in the pay raise topic?

I have interviewed thousands of people over my 30+ years as a successful Executive Recruiter in my own business. One commonality that I’ve seen is that a majority of those people felt underpaid and under-appreciated. It quickly became apparent to me why they were underpaid. It usually was because of one or more of the following:

  1. they did not perform at a level that was above their normal job description
  2. they did not present and package their achievements in a way that would grab the boss’s attention
  3. they weren’t someone that management and co-workers appreciated having around
  4. they had no organized approach for asking and securing a significant raise
  5. they magically expected their boss to initiate the process


It was obvious to me that I could help them, but by the time I met them they usually had already decided to leave. And that is when they came to me, a recruiter.


I love the recruiting business because I help lots of people just like you improve their lives with a better job at higher pay, while at the same time help a client company fill a position that was difficult for them to fill.


As a recruiter, almost all the salary negotiations were done by me on behalf of the candidate that I represented. Consequently, I dealt with all types of bosses, situations and candidates. I had so much experience doing this that eventually there was hardly a negotiating situation that would arise that I hadn’t dealt with, in some way, before. In fact, I saw that there was a system to it.

Over time, I captured that system on paper and refined it. I began offering a payraise service as a side offering in my recruiting business.  Eventually, I went full time to helping professionals secure a great raise that previously eluded them. I liked the idea of helping people by saving the job they were doing, while maximizing the return they got from that job. It is very fulfilling to be able to help people get the recognition and monies that they deserve.

Why did you choose to help them with their salaries instead of another aspect of their life?

Salary impacts feelings of self-worth and self-respect. It also impacts our personal relationships such as with our spouse or life partner, our kids, and our retirement. It is a central force that can change our lives for the better or worse.  Just think, how many couples have issues around money? Now for a lot of people no amount of money would be enough. But for most of us a 15% boost can resolve a lot of tension and negative feelings of self-worth.   

Just think, how would a 15% (or more) increase in income impact you?


Why are you uniquely qualified to help me?

My college business teaching gave me sensitivity to working with different learning styles, varied backgrounds such as those from different countries and people with a wide range of confidence levels. Additionally, I grew adept at breaking complex material into easy to understand bite sized pieces.

Helping hundreds of students and thousands of candidates and employers gave me sensitivity and understanding of a myriad number of backgrounds and styles, all of which means that I am better able to help you reach your goals. I have helped hundreds of professionals find better employment, secure excellent increases in pay and resolve a broad number of career issues.


Put my Accounting Management background, college business teaching, decades of recruiting, sales and negotiation success to use in helping change your life for the better by securing you a healthy raise. I look forward to our working together to reach your goals.

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