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What would a cool $5-$10K raise do for you?

Is fear, uncertainty or doubt keeping you from having a better life?  Do you know or think about how much you may be leaving on the table?  Your company keeps the money that you leave on the table because you fear asking or don’t know how to pick up the extra cash. Do you realize […]

What to do when your boss won’t initiate a pay raise talk?

“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – Josiah Gilbert Holland Janet is a successful Civil Engineering Manager who loves her job, her company and her boss.  She is somewhat introverted and avoids confrontation and discord whenever possible.  This is her tenth year at the firm.  Her […]

Do you feel your boss should remember your big successes?

“Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known.” – Montaigne Mary is a hard working accountant with 8 years at her current firm.  She earned, on average, 2-3% pay increases each year.  Mary did not get serious financial recognition for all the hours of extra work and special projects that she delivered.  This […]

Are you asking for a raise in the right way?

“If a thousand people do a foolish thing, it’s still a foolish thing.”   Jack Ciesielski Carol is an Operations Manager for a $50 million dollar manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 company. She received above cost of living raises of between 8 and 9 percent the last 3 years. But, Carol felt that she deserved […]

Are you leaving money on the table during pay raise discussions?

“I don’t know if it will work in theory but it’s been working in practice for four years.”  Robert McTeer Dave is a Six Sigma/Lean Black Belt Engineer.  His savings are almost legendary at his firm.  His firm does $95 million in sales and last year Dave generated $7 million in total savings. Dave was […]

Have you convinced yourself of a negative outcome when seeking a raise?

Mark was a Process Engineer at a large Pharmaceutical manufacturer.  He is excellent at what he does and often comes up with better processes that save time, money and human capital.  With 12 years at his firm, Mark figured he was at least $60,000 underpaid altogether. Mark worried that if he approached his boss, Dan, […]

Great responses to 5 potential salary questions asked during interviews

“What’s your real bottom line?” “How much do you think you’re worth?” “What other offers do you have?” “What were you making in your previous job?” “If I were to offer $xxx right now, are you prepared to say yes?” I read an article this week on salary negotiation.    It listed 5 excellent questions […]

Pay Raise Case Study (Gary)

Gary is a Quality Engineer and feels that his boss will use the standby argument that the poor economy is why a larger raise is not in order.  Gary figures that after 15 years of being underpaid that he lost at least $25,000 over the years. Many people think, as Gary did, that if he […]

Getting a Pay Raise at Work: Make a List of Accomplishments and Keep Them Quiet

Last time we talked I shared the idea of keeping a running private list of your accomplishments.  It should be private because no one else connected to your work, even friends at work, should know that you are preparing to secure a raise?  Why?  You don’t tell others of your plans, because you can count […]

Don’t let fear of retribution prevent you from securing the raise that you deserve

Fear #7:  Fear of retribution.  This is another big one and works in conjunction with any, or all, of the other fears.  This fear raises the question in one’s mind “Will my boss take action against me for even daring to ask for a raise?”  What could your boss do?  Your boss could always get […]

Let’s Get Started Building a Case For Your Big Pay Raise

The hard part of going for a raise is that if you do or say something, like most things in life, there is no guarantee of the outcome. Your odds of success go way up by working my system. But, nothing is foolproof.   Much depends on your delivery, self-confidence and how well you follow directions.  […]

How to Successfully Ask For (and get) The Pay Increase You Deserve

Keep your emotions in check.  Keep your emotions out of the negotiating room; don’t go in with a cocky attitude that suggests “If I don’t get what I want then I’m out of here.”  You want to be professional, and you don’t want to burn bridges.  You will need this boss as a reference, perhaps […]

How to Ask For a Pay Raise: The Psychology behind the negotiating strategy

Let me explain some of the psychology behind the negotiating strategy I have described in this series of tips.  The reason you try to get your employer to make the first offer is to see where the firm stands and to determine how far off they are from your goal.  It gives you more control, […]

Pay Raise Success: Think outside the box and be open to offers

Finally, keep in mind that although you may not get exactly what you are asking for in terms of a salary increase, your boss may propose an alternative that is acceptable to you.  For example, he may suggest a bonus instead or offer an increase based upon the completion of a particular project.  Perhaps he […]

What To Do When Asking For a Pay Raise: Salary Negotiations

The Power of Saying Nothing.  In a negotiating process, after you state your position or ask a question, whoever speaks next often loses.  Let’s take the scenario detailed a couple tips back on negotiating.  When you countered with $58,500, and later with $56,500, it was imperative that you waited for your boss’s reply before you […]

Successful Negotiating For a Pay Increase: What About Perks Instead?

Consider getting some or all your salary increase in perks instead of cash.  Could you negotiate for a trip to Europe and all expenses paid?  Sure, why not?  Who says you couldn’t? Salary increases are one way to get more money in your pocket, but there are numerous other ways too. Sometimes it is easier […]

Asking the Boss For a Pay Raise: the Series of Counteroffers

In our last post we discussed that your boss is willing to talk about a raise.  Great!  Try to get your boss to make the first offer.  If, before making that offer, he wants to know what you are looking for, say the following:  “I know you will be fair with me and that you […]

Asking My Boss For More Money: What to really expect…

Several outcomes can occur from your Power of 3 System presentation, which is comprised of your value added lists. He/she agrees you have performed admirably, but still says that there is no money or that you are at the top of the salary range already, or any number of other push back points. He/she agrees […]

Pay Raise Success: How do you go about negotiating more money for yourself?

How do you go about negotiating more money for yourself?  First begin by asking for a meeting to discuss your career track and compensation.  Once a meeting is secured, start by leading off the discussion with something like this:  “I came in to discuss my worth and career track to this department and company.  I […]

Asking For a Raise at Work: How to Be Prepared

You are the one in-charge of your raise.  No one else is responsible.  If your boss doesn’t deliver then there is little reason for you to tolerate it.  If you don’t get a great raise it is either because you don’t deserve one, you didn’t present your case in a compelling way or your boss […]

Asking My Boss For More Money: The Power Of 3

As I mentioned earlier, the Power of 3 Pay Raise System is one major component of my 8 step pay raise process. I’m very proud of coming up with this pay raise program.  It is a simple system, yet powerful!  The effect of using the Power of 3 System is that it adds fire power […]

Negotiating a Salary Increase: The Fear of Not Knowing How To Ask

Fear of not knowing how to ask or how to negotiate.  This may sound similar to a fear of asking, but it is quite different.   This one is not about being afraid to actually ask because you may be undeserving, worried about being let go or even chastised.  No, this one is not about your […]

Asking For a Pay Increase: Fear of Retribution is Real….

This is another big one and works in conjunction with any, or all, of the other fears.  This fear raises the question in one’s mind “Will my boss take action against me for even daring to ask for a raise?”  What could your boss do? Your boss could always get rid of you whether you […]

How to Ask For a Raise: How Do You Know You’re Not Just Bragging?

Have a fear of bragging about why you deserve a raise?  Do you play mind games with yourself regarding the potential negatives of getting a raise?  Do you think “If I get a $20K increase then how will that affect my co-workers’ and friends’ perception of me?  I won’t be one of them.  They will […]

Negotiating a Pay Increase at Your Job: How Do You Respond to a Low-Ball Offer?

Many of you feel and fear that your boss will, at best, offer a token or substandard raise.  The fear comes in not knowing how to handle that situation and not knowing the art of negotiating it higher…..especially much higher. Like so many things in life, we aren’t experienced enough to feel comfortable with the […]

How To Ask For a Raise at Work: Do You Feel You’re Not Worthy?

Fear of not being worthy enough.   Some bosses help make us feel less than worthy, while sadly, many of us convince ourselves that we are not worthy.  So our feelings of unworthiness may come from our boss, sometimes from family or “friends” and even our own self-talk.  Many of these feelings stem from home and […]