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The Pay Raise Expert: How to Determine Your Market Worth

Make sure you have done your research and know what the prevailing wages are for your level of contribution.  Where do you determine this?  There are many ways, but one good source is from your industry’s professional association. Many of them do an annual salary survey found in their monthly association magazine.  Call the association […]

Don’t Use Your Personal Issues to Secure a Pay Raise

Avoid using personal issues to induce an employer to pay you more.  I know you’re aware of someone who got a raise that way.  Sure it can work, but there is a cost.  No boss respects being approached on a personal basis for a raise.  Why? It is not your boss’s responsibility to help you […]

Negotiating a Pay Increase: Learn, Grow and Add Value For Yourself

Offer assistance to other employees, especially those from whom you can learn and grow.  Maybe your boss doesn’t have any projects that will stretch your growth curve. Well, fellow employees pose a great opportunity where you can learn, grow and add value, while gaining favor with co-workers.  Determine which fellow workers do something that would […]