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What would a cool $5-$10K raise do for you?

Is fear, uncertainty or doubt keeping you from having a better life?  Do you know or think about how much you may be leaving on the table?  Your company keeps the money that you leave on the table because you fear asking or don’t know how to pick up the extra cash. Do you realize […]

Are you asking for a raise in the right way?

“If a thousand people do a foolish thing, it’s still a foolish thing.”   Jack Ciesielski Carol is an Operations Manager for a $50 million dollar manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 company. She received above cost of living raises of between 8 and 9 percent the last 3 years. But, Carol felt that she deserved […]

Have you convinced yourself of a negative outcome when seeking a raise?

Mark was a Process Engineer at a large Pharmaceutical manufacturer.  He is excellent at what he does and often comes up with better processes that save time, money and human capital.  With 12 years at his firm, Mark figured he was at least $60,000 underpaid altogether. Mark worried that if he approached his boss, Dan, […]

Great responses to 5 potential salary questions asked during interviews

“What’s your real bottom line?” “How much do you think you’re worth?” “What other offers do you have?” “What were you making in your previous job?” “If I were to offer $xxx right now, are you prepared to say yes?” I read an article this week on salary negotiation.    It listed 5 excellent questions […]

How to Ask For a Pay Raise: The Psychology behind the negotiating strategy

Let me explain some of the psychology behind the negotiating strategy I have described in this series of tips.  The reason you try to get your employer to make the first offer is to see where the firm stands and to determine how far off they are from your goal.  It gives you more control, […]

What To Do When Asking For a Pay Raise: Salary Negotiations

The Power of Saying Nothing.  In a negotiating process, after you state your position or ask a question, whoever speaks next often loses.  Let’s take the scenario detailed a couple tips back on negotiating.  When you countered with $58,500, and later with $56,500, it was imperative that you waited for your boss’s reply before you […]

Successful Negotiating For a Pay Increase: What About Perks Instead?

Consider getting some or all your salary increase in perks instead of cash.  Could you negotiate for a trip to Europe and all expenses paid?  Sure, why not?  Who says you couldn’t? Salary increases are one way to get more money in your pocket, but there are numerous other ways too. Sometimes it is easier […]

Asking My Boss For More Money: What to really expect…

Several outcomes can occur from your Power of 3 System presentation, which is comprised of your value added lists. He/she agrees you have performed admirably, but still says that there is no money or that you are at the top of the salary range already, or any number of other push back points. He/she agrees […]

Asking My Boss For More Money: The Power Of 3

As I mentioned earlier, the Power of 3 Pay Raise System is one major component of my 8 step pay raise process. I’m very proud of coming up with this pay raise program.  It is a simple system, yet powerful!  The effect of using the Power of 3 System is that it adds fire power […]