Are you leaving money on the table during pay raise discussions?

“I don’t know if it will work in theory but it’s been working in practice for four years.”  Robert McTeer Dave is a Six Sigma/Lean Black Belt Engineer.  His savings are almost legendary at his firm.  His firm does $95 million in sales and last year Dave generated $7 million in total savings. Dave was […]

Great responses to 5 potential salary questions asked during interviews

“What’s your real bottom line?” “How much do you think you’re worth?” “What other offers do you have?” “What were you making in your previous job?” “If I were to offer $xxx right now, are you prepared to say yes?” I read an article this week on salary negotiation.    It listed 5 excellent questions […]

How to Successfully Ask For (and get) The Pay Increase You Deserve

Keep your emotions in check.  Keep your emotions out of the negotiating room; don’t go in with a cocky attitude that suggests “If I don’t get what I want then I’m out of here.”  You want to be professional, and you don’t want to burn bridges.  You will need this boss as a reference, perhaps […]

Pay Raise Success: Think outside the box and be open to offers

Finally, keep in mind that although you may not get exactly what you are asking for in terms of a salary increase, your boss may propose an alternative that is acceptable to you.  For example, he may suggest a bonus instead or offer an increase based upon the completion of a particular project.  Perhaps he […]

Asking the Boss For a Pay Raise: the Series of Counteroffers

In our last post we discussed that your boss is willing to talk about a raise.  Great!  Try to get your boss to make the first offer.  If, before making that offer, he wants to know what you are looking for, say the following:  “I know you will be fair with me and that you […]

Pay Raise Success: How do you go about negotiating more money for yourself?

How do you go about negotiating more money for yourself?  First begin by asking for a meeting to discuss your career track and compensation.  Once a meeting is secured, start by leading off the discussion with something like this:  “I came in to discuss my worth and career track to this department and company.  I […]

Asking For a Raise at Work: Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection—Will our boss minimize our request by saying such things as “I thought you were part of our team.” Or  “You know that we take care of our people when the time is right.” Or “Do you really think you deserve a raise now with all the changes going on around here?”  All […]

Fears of Asking For a Raise: Your Self Worth

The 8 biggest obstacles to securing a substantial raise all involve fear.   There are in fact more than 8, but we are going to cover the most prominent.  Each of the next 8 tip postings will address a different pay raise fear. Fear of asking often involves issues that go back to childhood.  We’re taught […]

Pay Raise Success: Measure Your Work Against Your Boss’s Performance

Make sure you understand how to help your boss construct performance objectives against which to attach additional salary.  Most bosses do not use performance objectives when describing a position in a job posting.  They talk in general terms such as “must be familiar with a high volume Accounts Receivable desk, or 8-10 years’ experience doing […]

Negotiating a Pay Increase: Don’t Threaten to Quit!

Don’t threaten to quit!  I know you may have seen others do it and survive.  Some people win in a car wreck, but I don’t advise it.  Bosses don’t forget your lack of loyalty when you threaten to quit.   Often what happens is when you can easily be replaced, you are.  When layoffs come you […]

How to Ask For a Raise at Work: Pre-Negotiation

You are finally in the hot seat directly across from your boss. Are you nervous and sweaty? Well, if you are properly prepared you won’t be. Being prepared includes: following your strategy even if your boss is acting intimidating knowing what salary you expect and why knowing what to say if he balks at your […]