What to do when your boss won’t initiate a pay raise talk?

“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.” – Josiah Gilbert Holland Janet is a successful Civil Engineering Manager who loves her job, her company and her boss.  She is somewhat introverted and avoids confrontation and discord whenever possible.  This is her tenth year at the firm.  Her […]

Let’s Get Started Building a Case For Your Big Pay Raise

The hard part of going for a raise is that if you do or say something, like most things in life, there is no guarantee of the outcome. Your odds of success go way up by working my system. But, nothing is foolproof.   Much depends on your delivery, self-confidence and how well you follow directions.  […]

Asking For a Raise at Work: Increasing Your Value

If you don’t have added value, then create it. Ask your boss if you can be of additional assistance by perhaps taking one of the projects off his/her desk. Here is the key on this one.  Make sure it is a project with some challenge and not just another project similar to all the others […]