Asking For a Pay Increase: What You Should Never Tell Other Employees

By · Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Never tell your work associates—or anyone connected with your job—that you are seeking a raise or thinking of interviewing elsewhere.  Why?  Because the co-worker who you have lunch with and commiserate with can turn on a dime and often they will tell someone else, even if they like you.  They usually tell in innocence and without wanting to do you harm.  I’ve seen this happen often when I ran an accounting department and heard these stories many times from job applicants.

I had some staff purposely and secretly tell me information about their co-workers.  Why?  They do it In order to gain favor with me.  I controlled the purse strings and could assign work, so I trumped their friends.  Notice: No one connected with your job should know what you are up to.  A potential exception to this is if you have a high level mentor who is advising you on how to navigate the political side of work.  In the meantime, just tell yourself “when I share, they will tell.”

Should you be paid more if you are pregnant or have a car in need of repair?  Don’t decide until you read my next tip.

When have you or a friend shared something at work and it got back to others, especially the boss? How did it turn out?  Share below in the comments:

Are you anxious to get started moving your life forward and making the money you deserve? I don’t blame you.

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