Do Have a Fear of Being Fired That Keeps You From Asking For a Raise?

By · Monday, September 30th, 2013

Do You Have a Fear of Being Fired?

Asking for a raise rarely results in a firing.  You would have to really be insubordinate, rude, or threatening to lose your job for merely asking and negotiating a raise.  I teach how to present your value in a way that is empowering, with self-confidence, but with no arrogance or negative attitude.  You’ll negotiate with pride!

I understand that being fired is a rare occurrence from merely asking for a raise, and yet that fear can be almost paralyzing.  Think about it.  Most things that we fear either never came to pass, wasn’t the end of the world, or it was minor in comparison to what we had imagined.  I have a fear of heights, which includes fear of flying.  I have flown tons of times in spite of my fear.  It was always a safe flight.  Our imagination can take on a life of its own and trigger a fight or flight response in us.  But, I was prepared.  I brought recorded music and a headset with me.  The music was hand-picked and soothed my soul while pumping me up, all of which reduced my trepidation of flying.

The great thing about my methodology for negotiating a raise is that before the actual conversation occurs, you will be fully prepared to get the attention of competitor firms, if needed.   This strategy is powerful and empowering. Working in this way keeps your fear at bay.  Preparedness provides self-confidence and greatly reduces fear and apprehension.

Do you fear being fired if you pushed the raise issue?  Share your experiences with this fear here:



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