Don’t let fear of retribution prevent you from securing the raise that you deserve

By · Friday, October 4th, 2013

Fear #7:  Fear of retribution.  This is another big one and works in conjunction with any, or all, of the other fears.  This fear raises the question in one’s mind “Will my boss take action against me for even daring to ask for a raise?”  What could your boss do?  Your boss could always get rid of you whether you request a raise or not.  Many bosses feel that they need to project an air of authority so as to make you afraid or nervous to approach for favors.  It works well since you already fear retribution.

But, what if you felt you could easily get a better job elsewhere?  Would you feel more secure?  What if your boss felt that you are too valuable to lose?  What if your boss knew that you earn the firm way more than your salary request?  Would you feel more secure then?  Would you feel more empowered?  Don’t assume your boss or employer has all the power.  You too have power!

Why do you have so much power?  Because hiring someone else is filled with unknowns.  Your boss does not know if a new person really wants the job, has an attitude problem, will fit into the organization, or might even cost more than you.  Plus, they may have to pay a stiff recruiter fee for the privilege of hiring your replacement.

Your power is in the understanding of your job, the smooth flow you demonstrate in delivering your work, your understanding of the inner workings of the firm, your knowledge and rapport with the clients, customers are comfortable with you and send notes praising you, the speed that you work is terrific, the problems that you solve are numerous and of consequence, management likes working with you, co-workers respect you, and so forth.

One more thing to emblazon in your heart and mind is that your loyalty is toward your career, not your job.  What?  Don’t get me wrong.  Your job is very important and you should treat it seriously and be respectful of your co-workers and management.  However, in your heart and mind your allegiance is toward what enhances your career.  If your current job is enhancing your career then continue giving it your all.  If it is no longer serving you well overall, then your loyalty is toward your career and yourself.   Make concerted plans to move up elsewhere.

Do you feel that your boss may do something in retribution for your asking for too much money?  If so, share here:

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