Negotiating a Salary Increase: The Fear of Not Knowing How To Ask

By · Monday, September 30th, 2013

Fear of not knowing how to ask or how to negotiate. 

This may sound similar to a fear of asking, but it is quite different.   This one is not about being afraid to actually ask because you may be undeserving, worried about being let go or even chastised.  No, this one is not about your ego and just going in and pretty much blindly asking for a raise. Instead, it is about having a system or program for how to negotiate. How do I ask for a raise and then what do I do or say?  It is about the details and the framing of the language that you’ll use.  This is about feeling secure that you can navigate the conversation with one’s boss, no matter what direction and obstacles the boss takes or puts out.

I have developed a simple 8 step process for securing the raise that you earned and deserve.  No matter what your boss throws back at you, there is a reasonable counter to it and that can be and should be delivered in a self-confidant, but respectful, manner.   This is not a pitched battle of gladiators, but a discussion between equals.  My 8 step process reduces, if not completely eliminates, the fear of not knowing how to ask and how to negotiate.

We just addressed the major fears around seeking a significant raise.   Our next tip will address the backbone of my system for securing a fantastic raise.  The way I coach my clients is to empower them.  One of the major components of the 8 step pay raise process is to help my clients construct the Power of 3 Pay Raise System.  It is simple, yet powerful.

Again, stay tuned because I’ll share it here in our next session together.  You DO NOT want to miss this…

How much has fear of not knowing the mechanics on how to effectively negotiate impacted your taking a shot at going for a raise?  Share your story below:

Are you anxious to get started moving your life forward and making the money you deserve? I don’t blame you.

We’ve covered the predominant fears surrounding asking for a pay raise.  Now we’ll continue with my pay raise tips.

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