Successful Negotiating For a Pay Increase: What About Perks Instead?

By · Monday, September 30th, 2013

Consider getting some or all your salary increase in perks instead of cash.  Could you negotiate for a trip to Europe and all expenses paid?  Sure, why not?  Who says you couldn’t?

Salary increases are one way to get more money in your pocket, but there are numerous other ways too. Sometimes it is easier for a boss to “hide” your extra money from their boss, and from other employees, by negotiating with you on the following alternative examples:

The list of negotiable items is endless.  All of these have cash value and are like money in your account – that is why other benefits can be just as valuable as salary. What is important to you outside of salary? Note that alternative benefits may or may not have tax consequences.

Don’t feel trapped by your own mental limitations that say “I can’t ask for this stuff; it is exclusively for senior management.”  Who says so?  Just because it has always been done this way, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed…now.

Have you heard the expression about the power of saying nothing?  Well, our next tip addresses that power and how to use it, like many bosses do, to your advantage.  Talk with you soon.

What other perks besides money are you potentially interested in receiving?  Share below:

Are you anxious to get started moving your life forward and making the money you deserve?  I don’t blame you.



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