Pay Raise Success: Think outside the box and be open to offers

By · Monday, September 30th, 2013

Finally, keep in mind that although you may not get exactly what you are asking for in terms of a salary increase, your boss may propose an alternative that is acceptable to you.  For example, he may suggest a bonus instead or offer an increase based upon the completion of a particular project.  Perhaps he will say that although he feels only a small raise is in order at this time, he wants you to know that you are being groomed for a move up the corporate ladder.   Whatever offer is made, you should be open, flexible, and always go home and think things through before committing yourself.   Think outside the box and be open to offers outside the box.

Now, I know that every promise of a move up the corporate ladder is not written in stone.  Many boss’s break promises or never meant them in the first place. No matter what your boss offers, you can always counteroffer with something more tangible and more meaningful to you.  Your boss doesn’t own you. You may think he does, in fact the boss may think that he does.  But no one owns you.  You have free will.  You always have choices.

You may be wondering, “Could any of this backfire and get me fired or disciplined in some way?”  Of course, anything is possible.  All steps to move forward in life have risks attached and asking for a raise is no different.  Your boss, or your company, may act outside normal parameters and overreact to your request or to your negotiations.

You must choose between letting your fear paralyze you, so that you do nothing, or take a calculated risk and go for the raise.  That is a personal decision.  However, if your fear is due to intimidation coming from the company and/or your boss, thus making the risk too great, you should consider secretly and quietly looking for an opportunity outside your current firm.  No one should have to fear retaliation for merely asking for or negotiating better pay.

I’ve alluded to fear of retaliation in this series of tips. It can happen. However, your strength is in the added value you bring to the table and the problems that you resolved and can resolve elsewhere.  You have credible strengths. The key is being able to describe them in metric terms using the Power of 3 Method.  Then you will have effectively built a great case for another employer to hire you if your boss doesn’t come through.

If you are not sure if your accomplishments are saleable enough then email me for my pay raise questionnaire.  I’ll help you decide if you have strong enough accomplishments or if they are well constructed in writing.  You are not alone.  Reach out and email me now.

Has your boss broken promises of increases to you?  What did you do? Please share an example or two here:

There is a psychology to everything I’ve shared with you throughout this series of pay raise tips.  In our next tip I want to address the reasons, or psychology, behind my suggestions.  This will be eye opening.

Are you anxious to get started moving your life forward and making the money you deserve? I don’t blame you.

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