Getting a Pay Raise at Work: Make a List of Accomplishments and Keep Them Quiet

By · Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Last time we talked I shared the idea of keeping a running private list of your accomplishments.  It should be private because no one else connected to your work, even friends at work, should know that you are preparing to secure a raise?  Why?  You don’t tell others of your plans, because you can count on it getting out and eventually getting to your boss.  Yes, you can count on it!

It is critical that you write out your accomplishments in a bullet format. These should be short, to the point, and most of them, if not all, should demonstrate a measurable result.  As an example:  If you performed accounting all day, then that tells the reader little and does not distinguish you from any other accountant. But, if you figured out how to get financing for an acquisition that ended making the firm $5MM in the 1st six-months, then that is really added value!

What?  You say that you don’t do anything extraordinary?  Well, what if you handle X more volume, reorganized the department so that workflow was streamlined and $60,000 was saved by not needing to hire another person as previously planned?  The reality is you have to think from a business person’s (boss) perspective.

Here are a few lackluster, non-measurable accomplishments, bullet points:

Ø    Created manufacturing instructions and routing systems for transition from      development to production

Ø    Implemented self-directed work teams in each department, which met performance     indicators

Ø    Significantly reduced number of scrap parts not meeting engineering dimensions

For contrast, here are some outstanding bullet points:

Ø    Saved $125,000 annually in utility costs from installation of energy monitoring equipment costing less than $5,000

Ø    Reduced 90-day and over past due accounts by 89% over a 4-month period

Ø    Designed new sales tracking forms that added 2% to the bottom line due to better efficiency and accountability

Ø    Redesigned pump impeller on a problem product, resulting in power reduction of 25%

Some of you may have problems converting what you do into measurable accomplishments.  Write me with specific questions and I’ll try to answer them.  If you’d like individual assistance, write to me and ask for more details.  Or if you have a few that you’d like me to review and offer comment on then send them to:

If you don’t believe you have added value to your company, then you may just have to create it. How can you make your Boss believe that you are worth more? The answer is in the next email.

Congrats on taking the next big step!

Now re-frame your strongest accomplishment into one that is metrically oriented & share it below:

Don’t feel like waiting for each insider secret? Are you anxious to get started moving your life forward? If you currently earn over $75,000, click here for your questionnaire. It will help you see, in my view, if you have a strong potential argument for securing a large raise from your boss.

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