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Don’t try asking for a raise on your own. Let me guide you with these 26 free tips. You’ll discover:

You’ll feel confident and self-assured when you know how to negotiate your own raise.

Don’t spend weeks reading through chapter after chapter of boring extraneous details in books.  Instead, use these powerful tools packed full of specific, hard-hitting advice that you can use to get your raise now.  Salary expert Norman Lieberman simply and clearly shows you how to make significantly more money.


What’s It Going To Cost?

Nothing! That’s Right, the cost is zero.  But, how you use the information that I share is critical.  You have to get the nuances down from my these 26 special techniques for your particular circumstances and personality.  In order to do that properly you may wish to avail yourself of my individualized pay raise coaching services.

What’s The Catch?

Why am I giving this pay raise information away? Because some of you will want individualized assistance in executing the strategies while tailoring them to your particular circumstances.  Others will want a mentor to help them resolve other career management issues.  These FREE little-known strategies give you a good feel for my knowledge and how I present myself.

You may say, “Why shouldn’t I just get similar information on the Web or in print publications?”

There’s very little information available in print or online on how to successfully get the raise you deserve. You’ll find dozens of brief articles with short, bulleted lists of what to do. These give sweeping overviews, but don’t address the key issues of how to determine your value to the company and what to say to actually negotiate your raise.

If you don’t know how to negotiate, you could leave thousands of your hard-earned dollars on the table. I’ve perfected a hands-on pay raise process that works. It’s totally individualized to your personality, background, and experience. These proven pay-raise-exploding principles and methods have helped hundreds of employees like you rake in hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in salaries during my 30 years of successful pay raise negotiating and recruiting.

Why Some People Almost Always Get the Raise They Ask For

These carefully designed and battle-tested techniques have proven to be the tactics that really work on employers. You’ll finally discover:

These techniques are bursting with examples, tips, and suggestions for success. Unlike articles that are vague or books that have so much detail and information that you don’t know where to start, these precise “what to say and how to say it” tips contain only the most valuable, hard-hitting, success-producing information. Why? Because it’s written by a salary expert with 30 years of experience on the front lines getting more pay and benefits for hundreds of people. Each day you wait you’re leaving more money on the table for you and your family!