Positively impacts my family’s life…

“Your help was the difference between this happening and not happening. It was your input that made this happen for me. In a huge way, this positively impacts my family’s life. The knowledge you have is extremely helpful and insightful. Plus your delivery, tailored for my particular circumstance, was right on target. I not only got the promotion and pay raise, but just as importantly, I established credibility with senior management.”


Andrew Westland
Motorola Corporation

I’m making great money…

“Everything went like clockwork when working with Norm. He thoroughly prepped me and gave me the confidence necessary to get more money. Everything was methodically given to me each step of the way. It was like having a personal coach by my side. I’m making great money, at a terrific company, because of him.”

Daniel Catania
B.S., Staff Accountant

A great coach…

“Due to Norman’s guidance, I was able to secure a great position that compensates well in all respects. He made the process go smoothly and was a great coach.”

Ted St. John
Ph.D., Restoration Group Manager

Left nothing to chance…

“The deal Norm helped me negotiate included getting a wide variety of projects, plenty of future opportunity, and a great pay package. He was there for me, so that nothing was left to chance.”

Lisa Gaston
LSIT, Survey and Title Analyst

Patient and supportive…

“Norman secured me a great compensation package. He was patient and supportive throughout the process. If you have a pay raise question or issue, he takes all the negative emotion out of the process.”

Michelle Lynxwiler
Operations Manager

A fantastic career opportunity…

“Norman Lieberman has been an excellent career coach to me over the past five years. Several years ago, it became apparent that it was time for me to make a career change. Working exclusively with Norman, I was able to land a fantastic career opportunity with top pay, benefits, and potential for upward mobility.”

Andrew Pramschufer
MBA, Supply Chain Manager

My success was his success!

“Norm guided me through the negotiations to obtain a very attractive compensation package that was also acceptable to the employer. It was like having a personal coach helping me through the entire process, from locating a potential position to finalizing a compensation package. He made me feel that my success was his success. I feel privileged to have worked with him.”

Steve Higgins
MBA, Director of Operations

A 47.5% increase in pay!

“Norman not only got me two major positions, but secured me 47.5% in pay increases.”

Bill Rice
M.S., Environmental Planner

Outstanding benefits…

“Thank you Norman for helping and advising me in getting a great compensation package, including outstanding benefits.”

Helena Hagen
B.A., Program Director

Negotiated a 33% pay raise!

“In just a few hours with Norm, I was able to negotiate a 33% pay raise. Plus, my bonus increased between 200-300% and I got a significant position promotion. I’d been passed over twice for the next level of management when I called Norman Lieberman, The Pay Raise Coach. With his guidance, clear instruction, and excellent writing/editing skills, I got the promotion that had eluded me. I could not have done it without his help.”

Andrew Westland
Motorola Corporation